About Us

Shandong Victor Oilfield Equipment Co,ltd. is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in development, manufacturing, sales of petroleum drill and exploitation equipment and technical services for oil & gas field engineering. The company is committed to producing middle and high-end oil equipment, along with leading products including oilfield series plunger pump, cementing truck, fracturing truck, slurry pump, engineering vehicles, polyurethane rubber products and various pump parts, and its product technology and quality control process have been in line with that of internationally renowned companies, and the company has passed quality system certification of API.

The company has more than two hundred sets of advanced CNC machining equipment, coordinate measuring machine, spectrum analyzer, metallurgical analysis equipment, heat treatment equipment, automatic blanking and welding equipment and more than fifty engineering and technical personnel.

A series of plunger pumps produced by the company have been funded by the Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Firms relevant products have been declared for a number of patents. The company has formed an annual output of 150 sets of various types of plunger pumps and working vehicles. Rubber products produced by the company are mainly for seal products of plunger pumps and slurry pumps and now the company has formed an annual output of 100,000 sets of various piston assemblies, which are mainly exported to North America, South America, Russia, Germany, the Middle East and other regions. The performance of its products has reached the international advanced level.

The company invested 5 million yuan in 2011 to establish a professional team for cementation construction of oilfield oil-gas wells, and it has more than 20 sets of engineering vehicles and more than thirty construction workers, and it has the capacity to make cementation construction of 300 oil-gas wells, with construction perfectness ratio of 100%. The company has safety license of drilling (cementing) work and has safety construction qualification; now it is making well cementing construction in Inner Mongolia, Yanchang Oilfield and Kyrgyz.

The company will continue to adhere to the operating principle of “revitalizing the company with science and technology and doing business with wisdom and morality”, the service concept of “responsibility and high-quality products” and adhere to the sustainable development which is supported by product innovation, based on customer demand, guided by market service and gives priority to product quality.