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WET12P-160 Mud Pump
  • WET12P-160 Mud Pump

WET12P-160 Mud Pump features compact structure, light weight, less floor area and high efficiency and can be equipped with various pump instruments according to different drilling requirements and conditions. Its durable and compact structure design ensures its stable operation and can meet the special requirements of the users in shallow drilling and mid-depth drilling operation.

Durable fluid end of 12P-160 Mud pump can greatly improve the performance of the triplex mud pump; in addition, its separate design is convenient for quick check and maintenance.


Maximum brake power BHPKw                                1600BHP(1193Kw)

Hydraulic test pressure of hydraulic cylinder Psi(kg/c)   10000Psi(703 kg/c)

Transmission ratio                                                       3.439:1

Stroke                                                                        12″(304.88mm 

Length mm                                                            5309mm

Width  mm                                                            1997mm

Height  mm                                                            1905(mm)

Weight  kg                                                             24810(kg)

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