Plunger pump
 WET-HT400 Plunger Pump
  • WET-HT400 Plunger Pump

Main parameters

1. Power end

 Maximum input power    600BHP(447Kw)

Maximum input torque9782N·m

Reduction ratio        8.6:1

2. Hydraulic end

Stroke :                       8″(203.2mm

Maximum working pressure     1436kg/cm

Maximum working displacement2111L/min

Weight                     6500 LB2910kg


Shandong Victor Oilfield Equipment Co.,ltd


This table is prepared based on 90% of mechanical efficiency and 100% of volume fraction-----only under discontinuous operation condition.

ALLISION 4700 Transmission box


Structural features of plunger pump:

Fluid end is equipped with vacuum smelted and forged alloy steel head body and the company is the first manufacturer in the world following Halliburton.

It is equipped with domestic five-head large-modulus worm gear, large bearings, superhard forged aluminum rod, inner-gearing straight gear lubricating oil pump.

It is suitable for truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, skid-mounted cementation equipment, etc., and well cementation equipment that has been put on the market is distributed in China, the United States, Mexico, Singapore and other regions.

It is more suitable for well cementation equipment in the oceans, deserts and other areas.



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