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WET40-17cementing truck
WET40-17cementing truck WET40-17 cementing truck
  • WET40-17cementing truck

WET40-17 cementing truck is equipped with high-performance jet mixer, secondary slurry mixer and manual or automatic control system so as to ensure a large slurry loading capacity and high density control precision and it can meet the requirements for medium and deep gas well cementation construction.

Maximum working pressure


Maximum theoretical displacement



Volvo FM12 6x6, Beiben 6x6,6x4

Diesel engine (optional)

Carter / Detroit / Cummins / Volvo

Speed changing boxoptional

Domestic BY400/ imported HD4700 OFS

Three-cylinder plunger pump

WET-PG05(Plunger size3.75″,4.5″,5)


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