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  WET45-21 Cementing Truck
  WET45-21 Cementing Truck WET45-21 cementing truck
  • WET45-21 Cementing Truck

WET45-21 cementing truck is equipped with high-performance jet mixer, secondary slurry mixer and manual or automatic control system Compared with regular products, pressure of WET45-21 is improved by 10% and its displacement is improved by 22%; it has the performances such as high efficiency, safety and durability. The machine is equipped with a SPM600 pump so that the users are only required to replace the plunger and seal the packing in order to meet the pressure and displacement requirements under different construction conditions.



Maximum working pressure


Maximum theoretical displacement

2M ³/Min



Volvo FM12 6x6, Beiben 6x6,6x4

Diesel engine (optional)

Carter /Detroit/ Cummins / Volvo

Speed changing boxoptional

Domestic BY400/ Imported HD4700 OFS

Three-cylinder plunger pump

WET-TWS600/600S(Plunger size3.75″,4″,4.5)


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